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My First Handmade "Little Googly"

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

You want something fabulous, magical, and unique in the wonderful, festive winter season. So, today, we'll create an amazing porcelain doll named "Little Googly". It'll be an 11-12" tall, completely unique, Antique Reproduction created from the Bell Ceramic mold. The original JDK 221 doll was manufactured by Kestner around 1910.

To create this doll, we need a "ready to use Porcelain Doll Kit" base, which you can easily purchase from my Etsy store. All of the parts are new and made in the "Delicate Rose" color.

For now, we'll put aside the body, arms, and legs and we'll just deal with the head. The first thing we need to do is paint the face (by the way, it's not at all difficult to paint Googly; all you need to do is be able to hold a brush in your hands). Different craftsmen use different paints for painting doll faces: you can use artist pastels, watercolor or colored pencils, acrylic colors, or paint for BJD dolls. You'll also need to seal it with Mister Super Clear UV.

In this case, we'll need red, black, and a couple of shades of brown. First, paint a pale shadow brow and black on the inside of the round eye-opening. Then, paint long eyebrow feathers in a straight, slightly angled shape. Add short eyelashes, regular in length, even in color, and only on the top of the eye. Paint the lips red and put dots of red in the tear ducts and nostrils. The face is ready!

Now we need to insert the eyes. The pupils can be positioned in any direction you want. This doll can take 12-14mm glass/acrylic half-round or round doll eyes.

Let's start by outlining the front of the eye with eye-setting wax. We'll glue the eyes from the inside; first one, then the other. Thanks to the wax, they won't fall out.

Then, we'll dilute an Easy-Mix Plaster formula with water to the consistency of liquid sour cream and fill the eyes with it inside the head. Leave the head, eyes down, for 4-5 hours. Then, we can clean the eyes using a substance like "Goo Gone".

Now we have to string the doll. (don't panic, it's supposed to be fun!)

My porcelain doll kit includes:

- 15" stringing cord to string the head, body, and legs together

- 9" stringing cord to string the arms together

- Wire loop

- Pate

I'll try to explain as best I can in writing, but it'll be easier to follow the pictures. Before you start, I will give you a little trick to help the porcelain not make a terrible noise when it rubs together. To do this, take some regular glue and rub it on that part of the leg, hand, body, etc., where the porcelain will rub. Then, pour a little bit of baby powder on top. Leave it for 30 minutes. This way, you won't get a terrible screeching noise.

Now for the stringing: fold the cord in half and set the loop inside a metal half-oval hook. Then, thread the two ends of the cord through the top of the head, out the neck, into the body, and out each corresponding leg-hole.

Thread either end of the cord through the metal loop of the appropriate leg, then take the end of the cord back through the same leg-hole in the body and out the other leg-hole. Then, thread the other end of the cord through the metal loop of the other leg, and knot both ends of the cord together tightly. Cut the long ends of the cord and insert the remaining knot into the body so it's not visible.

The process of inserting the arms is even easier, so just follow the pictures below.

Now we glue the pate to the head.

You can find shoes, a dress, and a wig for her by searching these terms in an online shop (like Etsy or Ebay): "doll shoes 34 35," "doll wig 7-8 or 8-9"," and "doll dress 12."

All that's left is to dress up our little doll!

She's so cute!

Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!

I'll always welcome you with open arms: My "AllforDoll" Etsy Store. If you want to see all of my OOAK Dolls from Dianna Effner molds for sale, please click here

Lots of love,

Marina-AllforDoll (MAFD)

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