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Little Darling - Porcelain & Vinyl - The Difference - Dianna Effner

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Seeing as I make porcelain parts for Dianna Effner dolls from the Little Darling series, I get a lot of customers who come to me with the question, “What is the difference between Dianna Effner's porcelain dolls and her vinyl ones? "

I decided to use this topic to explain the difference between them. It will serve to discern some of the issues surrounding this topic and--I'm sure--it'll be suitable for more than just sewists but also for lovers of Dianna Effner's porcelain charms or for those who want to purchase a set of porcelain parts to create a Dianna Effner doll themselves, but cannot decide.

The line of porcelain dolls and the line of vinyl dolls by Dianna Effner are two different lines that have nothing to do with each other, so to speak. I must say right away that I have never worked closely with vinyl dolls as I am more attracted to porcelain, so I will write only about porcelain dolls. Since I'll only write about what I know, you may discover the differences between the two on your own. Also, please note that I will only be doing a brief review.

We will look at a line of porcelain dolls with a height of 10"-11"-12" (27 cm - 32 cm).

There are two types of bodies in porcelain, and Little Darling is part of a collection of dolls called "10 - 11" Wednesday's Child Body," that is, in this case, the dolls have a neck connected to the body, and a hole in the head to insert it.

This collection includes dolls such as:

Although the series is called 10", the dolls are actually taller. The full porcelain version is 11" (28-29 cm).

They look like the below photo and include a version with sitting legs:

The second type of body is called "10 -11 Portrait Body," that is, in this case, the neck of the doll is connected to the head, and there is a hole in the body to insert it.

There are also "sitting" legs.

You can also create them with a soft body so that the hands “move”:

These include famous dolls such as:

This collection also includes the "Portrait Series" (Portrait Series). The dolls do not have specific names, so they go by "Portrait No. 1", "Portrait No. 2", "Portrait No. 3", etc.

Portrait No. 1

Portrait No. 2

Portrait No. 3

Portrait No. 4

Portrait No. 5 or Shirley Temple

Portrait No. 6

Portrait No. 7

If I'm right, Boneka Effner clothing fits them. Wig size 6-7, and 7-8" can also be used; shoe size 34-35; and if you want false eyes, 8mm generally fits.

Also, pay attention to the hands - they can be different. In the Wednesday's Child Body and Portrait Body series, the legs or body can't be replaced, but all four arms are interchangeable, and there is also one left guitar arm (Guitar Arm) made to hold something.

There is another series where she is a little taller, 11 "-12" tall (dressed in shoes and a wig, the dolls reach 13" (32 cm).

It is called "Sweet Petite Body" and includes famous dolls as:

The porcelain line of dolls was most likely created much earlier. If we look at the head mold of the famous Emily, it was created in 1991. That was 30 years ago. The Little Darling No. 1 porcelain mold was added in 2007.

Another difference is that Dianna Effner's porcelain dolls can be created by absolutely anyone who simply knows how to hold a brush in their hands. To do this, just choose which doll you want, buy the parts, then paint or insert glass eyes, and assemble. It will be exactly yours, made from your hands. It's not as difficult as it seems...

Dianna Effner has a huge number of porcelain dolls: there are 6" tall, 8", 14", and 18" and above. Thanks to her, even now, not being with us, she gives us the opportunity to create her dolls ourselves. I'm very glad that such a wave of interest has how to create the Dianna Effner doll you love, on your own. If anyone is interested, you can look to see which dolls--or rather the porcelain parts of which dolls you can make.

Not too long ago, I wrote a topic about how ordinary people, as well as lovers of this business and doll enthusiasts from all over the world, paint and assemble 10"-12" dolls themselves and share their secrets: how can you paint a doll yourself - “Before & After: A Worldly Project - Dianna Effner.

I would be glad if this article helped you resolve any issues.

*All promo dolls shown here are painted by Dianna Effner herself and taken from the Expressions website (public information).

Always yours,


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