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Before & After: A Worldly Project

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

I'd like share the delightful feelings that take hold of me every time you, my lovely customers, show me the results of your creativity, your perfect little creations.

To better convey these heartfelt emotions to you, I decided to write this article. It’s something similar to a "Before & After" with photos of your charming dolls.

Sometimes, rather than buying something ready-made, it’s much more valuable to create it yourself, with your own hands. It’s more interesting and, of course, it's a better experience than simply buying something.

So what if it doesn't look professional? So what if it looks naïve, even... It would be much more dearly loved, valued, and held close to your heart if you made it yourself. You know... it’s like when a child hands you a drawing made specially for you; it may look clumsy and perhaps it’s far from a Mona Lisa, but it’s so cute, touching, and unflinchingly pleasant that it evokes sincere joy and a smile :)

Every person has a dream! And if your dream is to MAKE a DOLL—and make it with your own hands, no less—then you’ve come to the right place. I have a small shop on Etsy, where you can buy a full porcelain doll kit, with which you can make a beautiful creation. It’s your doll to customize as you wish!

All the dolls presented here were created from the porcelain doll kit like this one:

I’m very pleased that my customers live in a wide variety of countries; and it’s even more pleasant that we were united by one great love: the love of dolls :) I want to thank the participants of this small "worldly" project for the fact that you all, my dears, shared your heartfelt masterpieces which we’ll all view with pleasure. Thank you, also, to everyone who is now on this page :)

Elizabeth -

"I used Jo Sonya's acrylics on Little Lou II. I used a mix of a tiny bit of Brown Earth and Napthol Crimson to make a watered-down color wash for her cheeks and lips. I used a mix of Brown Earth and Black to do the eyelashes, eyebrows and detailing around her eyes. I used watered down White mixed with a tiny bit of yellow for the whites of her eyes and I did her irises with Cobalt Blue mixed with Black to make it more of a natural color. I used a tiny hint of chalk pastel in red on her cheeks after I was finished to brighten the color very slightly. She's wearing a Monique wig and her dress is from Nedra Newson's pattern for Little Lou, which I did in a reproduction 1930's print."

Barbara -

"All of my girls were finished by spraying Testor's Dullcote on as a sealer and then using artist pastels for the "painting". "

PattyAnn -

"I used Triple Thick Clear Varnish for shine on her eyes and lips. I used watered down Burnt sienna and black for her lashes and brows. and Black for here pupils...I then sprayed her with Mr. Clear to seal the paint on her."

Katie - "I use watercolor and colored pencils"

Natalia - "For the face up I used acrylic colors"

Bunny - "I didn't paint the face at all, I just put in glass eyes."

Julia - "I used acrylic and pastel"

Sarah - "I just used acrylic paints, chalk pastels and sealed her with Mr.Super clear if I recall correctly."

Barbara - "The paints I used were from Seely. Colors are blush for the cheeks, Lip for the lips and light blue for the eyes. Fired it several times and came out with this beauty."

Warisa - "I use acrylic colors mix with matt varnish and use chalk pastel after acrylic colors. Use False eyelashes. Use Gloss varnish cover with little mouth and eyes".

Hollie - "I didn’t really use a traditional process."

Olga -

"I used Acrilico Maimeri and Ехtra Fine"

Ashley -

"It was a fantasy project :)"

Anna - "paint for BJD dolls; layer by layer with clear"

All the dolls presented here were made from identical porcelain parts, but they all turned out so different and unique. They transformed into individuals with their own personality traits.

I'm also happy to present you with some pictures by professionals: artists who specialize in painting dolls. I'm honored to say that they also happen to be customers in my "porcelain parts" store.

Jana - "I used standard supplies for bjd and vinyl faceups: Mr.Super Clear UV Flat as base and sealant, soft pastels (Sennellier), aquarelle pencils (Derwent, Faber Castel, Prismacolor)."

Tatiana-Natalia - " I used standard products for BJD".

Laura - "For the face up I used colored soft pencils, professional watercolor pencils, and chalk pastels. The face was then sealed with Mister Super Clear UV cut."

And with your permission, I'll throw in some of my own photos, too. I don't consider myself a professional--rather, an inspired admirer.

Marina-AllForDoll-MAFD - "I used "Сhina fire" paint with a kiln."

Once upon a time, I had a dream to make a porcelain doll myself and at that time it seemed impossible to me. But nowadays, I have one life rule that always helps me out: if someone else did it, then I can do it!

Never abandon your dream, no matter how illusory it may seem. Just believe in yourself and believe in your doll! And be sure to find time for what you love! Welcome to my store :)

And this cute little cartoon is perfect for the mood...

Thank you! Marina

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