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How do I cut eye-holes to put in realistic glass eyes?

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Some doll masters would prefer to insert realistic glass eyes rather than paint them. Doing this isn't particularly hard, but it must be done in a process while the parts are still greenware. Therefore, if you place a kit order with me, just let me know beforehand because you wouldn't be able to cut the eye-holes out yourself after-the-fact.

Let's look at a video where Dianna Effner presents a small course on painting eyes. There, you'll be able to see that she holds a head in her hands with the eyes cut out.

How do you choose the right size of eyes?

Eyes come in all different millimetre-sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm. The size you choose will depend on the size of the eye-hole and the height of the doll.

For example, the photo of Molly's porcelain head (10" tall, below) shows how the eye is measured. 8mm eyes are generally suitable for dolls 10" in height.

How do you put the eyes in?

Let's start by outlining the front of the eye with eye setting wax.

We'll glue the eyes from the inside; first one, then the other. Thanks to the wax, they won't fall out. Then, we'll dilute an Easy-Mix Plaster formula with water to the consistency of liquid sour cream and fill the eyes with it inside the head.

Then, we'll glue on the eyelashes using any glue--I use Puzzle Glue because it's clear. Then, we clean the eyes using a substance like "Goo Gone".

It's ready! This is a much easier way of creating a face because you only have to paint the eyebrows and lips. Look at the series of photos below with inserted eyes. All of those dolls were created personally by me.

Thank you and Welcome to my Doll Store! Marina-AllforDoll-MAFD

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